Oil Furnace Prices Online

Oil Furnace Prices Online

When it comes to common expenses for your house is your HVAC system.  Unfortunately, they are also one of the most costly!  All the more reason to have your ducks in a row when it comes time to lay out your hard earned cash for a new system.  But here is where the fly in the ointment comes in, due to it being counter productive to their interests (and bottom line) local HVAC companies are very hesitant to downright ornery about giving out the true price of their HVAC systems and installation costs.  This is just as true for oil furnaces as it is for central air conditioners and heat pumps.  This website was designed to aid you in your search for the costs of installing oil furnaces and allowing you to make an informed decision.  This site focuses solely on oil furnaces and our intent is to be your one stop shop for shopping for your next oil furnace.  If you are looking to replace your old furnace or install a brand new oil furnace in a place you just built, we strongly advise you to get at least 3 price quotes to get an idea of the total cost.

What Impacts Oil Furnace Prices?

So what are the basic influences on how much an oil furnace costs?  Indeed there are many, but when it comes down to it relatively few make the largest impact on the final price.  Speaking in general terms the most common reasons that the cost of an oil furnace will differ from another one are:

a.       How much quality are put into the parts that make up the furnace? – as with most things, the higher the quality, the more it will cost.  As a general rule, however, the better quality parts will allow your furnace to last longer!

b.       What Brand name is on the side of the oil furnace? – highly respected companies like Lennox and Trane are able to command higher prices due to their superior reputations.  If you look at a Payne or Goodman oil furnace you will likely find some better pricing due to their worse reputation.  That said, the lines are blurring to some degree, and the reality behind all of this that none of the insiders want you to know is that EVERY HVAC unit comes from one of only a few plants around the nation.  They are all coming off the same (or very similar) assembly line!

c. How eager is the public to pay a premium for a specific oil furnace?

oil-furnace-prices-homepage-pictureIn addition to all of the key things above, one of the greatest impacts on the cost is the size of the unit itself.  Simply put the larger the oil furnace you buy the more it will cost!  Not too difficult to figure out as it will have more parts, more raw materials, be more expensive to ship and the like.  Obviously the larger the space you need to heat the larger the unit will have to be and therefore the more expensive it will be.  However, this is pretty standard across all makes and therefore won’t cause too many issues on your end.

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