American Standard Silver SI Freedom 80 Single Stage Oil Furnace Price

The American Standard Silver SI Freedom 80 oil furnace is the value-oriented model from American Standard.  It isn’t built with the same quality as the American Standard Platinum XV oil furnace but it is reliable.  And it is much more affordable.  With 82.4% efficiency, it is a good choice in moderate and warm climates that don’t demand a higher efficiency oil furnace.  It offers single-stage operation but it does have a multi-speed blower that ramps up slowly and shuts down slowly to prevent blasts of unheated air.

If you are looking for an affordable oil furnace that will deliver 15+ years of good service with proper maintenance, this is a model worth considering. If you want 20+ years of service and greater efficiency, consider the American Standard Platinum or other top oil furnaces from leading manufacturers.  This American Standard Silver SI Freedom 80 single stage oil furnace price review continues with a summary of its top features.  Below, you’ll find pricing and purchasing information for this oil furnace.

82.9% AFUE; Not Energy Star qualified.

Single-stage burner; multi-speed blower for enhanced indoor comfort.

Durable combustion chamber heats quickly and transfers heat effectively.

Quality burner creates clean, reliable heat.

87,000 Btu models available.

Models with 3 ton and 4 ton blowers for matching with a central air conditioner.

Old name: Freedom 80; New name: Silver SI.


ime heat exchanger limited warranty; 5-year parts limited warranty is slightly below average for the industry.

How Much Does the American Standard Silver SI Oil Furnace Cost?

As mentioned, this is one of the most affordable oil furnaces made by a quality manufacturer like American Standard.  These oil furnace prices will help you compare the American Standard SI with other oil furnaces we review on this site.

87,000 Btu American Standard Silver SI Freedom 80 oil furnace, 3 ton blower: $1,329

87,000 Btu American Standard Silver SI Freedom 80 oil furnace, 4 ton blower: $1,479

Where Can I Buy the American Standard Silver SI Single Stage Oil Furnace Online?

This unit is occasionally sold on eBay or through an online distributor but you have to keep your eyes open to find it.  If you need it quicker or want to hire an installer too, consider requesting 3 free estimates online.  The service uses local contractors who have been pre-screened for quality assurance. It’s the easiest way to get written estimates from heating and cooling companies in your area.  There  is no cost or obligation for using the service.


If you want to save money on your next oil furnace and still get a reliable model you can trust, this one is worth a look.  Keep it maintained with regular cleaning and service and you should enjoy many years of dependable heating with the American Standard Silver SI Freedom 80 oil furnace.