Ruud ROLA Lowboy Series Oil Furnace Price

The Ruud ROLA Lowboy oil furnace uses a low profile to make it a good fit in a crawlspace without much room overhead.  It compensates with a larger footprint.  This Ruud Lowboy delivers 85.9% efficiency which is Energy Star qualified and one of the most efficient models currently available.  The Ruud ROLA is a single-stage, single-speed furnace so it doesn’t offer the precise indoor climate control those with variable-speed blowers do, but the trade-off is lower cost.  It’s a good fit for homeowners who want high efficiency, are comfortable with standard performance, and are looking for good value in their oil furnace.  Before we get to costs in our Ruud ROLA Lowboy Series oil furnace price review, here are the top features of this model.

85.9% efficient; Energy Star qualified.

Single-stage burner, single-speed blower for standard performance.

Direct-drive ECM blower assembly is quiet and efficient when heating or cooling.

Burner is a Beckett Flame Retention or Riello Carlin, the top-rated brands in the industry.

Multi-poise models allow for installation options.

Front flue or rear flue installation.

Honeywell controls are accurate and very reliable.

Large front ports offer easy cleaning and maintenance.

Supports 2-stage air conditioner or heat pump.

Models available from 84,000 to 175,000.


me heat exchanger warranty; 5-year parts warranty is below average in length.

How Much Does the Ruud ROLA Lowboy Oil Furnace Cost?

These oil furnace prices allow you to compare this model with others on our site and let you know what you can expect when you get written estimates from local dealers.

84,000 Btu Ruud ROLA Lowboy oil furnace: $1,359

105,000 Btu Ruud ROLA Lowboy oil furnace: $1,499

119,000 Btu Ruud ROLA Lowboy oil furnace: $1,649

140,000 Btu Ruud ROLA Lowboy oil furnace: $1,859

175,000 Btu Ruud ROLA Lowboy oil furnace: $2,189

Where Can I Buy the Ruud ROLA Lowboy Series Furnace Online?

This model is rarely sold on at eBay or through other large online dealers.  The best way to get it online is to request 3 free estimates from local dealers in your area. The form takes less than a minute to complete.  You receive 3 written estimates from heating companies in your area.  They are always pre-screened to ensure expertise and quality installation.  There is no cost or obligation and the quotes are usually very competitive.


This is a good-quality oil furnace that emphasizes lower cost and good efficiency.  With proper maintenance and minor repairs through the years, the Ruud ROLA Lowboy Series oil furnace is built to last 20+ years and provide dependable, affordable heat.


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