Ducane Lowboy Model Number RLBF/R80C Oil Furnace Price

The Ducane Lowboy RLBF/R80C oil furnace is a good fit for tight spots and delivers reliable heat at an affordable price.  The Lowboy design has a larger footprint but is shorter in height, making it a popular choice for crawlspaces and other locations where space is at a premium.  Models range in efficiency from 81% to 83% depending on the size of the furnace.  That’s about average for oil furnaces though there are models on the market that offer up to 87% efficiency.  If you rely on your oil furnace from fall into spring, choosing a more efficient model might be a better long-term choice.

If you want reliability and affordability, the Ducane Lowboy RLBF/R80C oil furnace is worth considering.  It offers standard single-stage heating, as most oil furnaces do, and a 4-speed blower that provides more comfortable heating throughout the entire cycle.  Honeywell controls and the highly-rated Beckett Flame Retention burner are just 2 of the quality features this Ducane oil furnace delivers.  Here are the rest of the key features.

Up to 83% AFUE; Not Energy Star rated.

Single-stage heating; 4-speed blower.

Direct-drive blowers slide out for quicker maintenance.

Beckett burner and Honeywell primary control with LED diagnostics.

14-guage durable heat exchanger and ceramic fiber combustion chamber.

Large access ports provide easier cleaning and service.

Models from 70,000 to 154,000 Btu to fit most any application.

Lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty; 5-year parts warranty is slightly below industry average.

How Much Does the Ducane Lowboy RLBF/R80C Oil Furnace Cost?

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These Ducane Lowboy  model number RLBF/R80C oil furnace price samples give you an idea of what your costs will be on this furnace.  Be sure to get multiple estimates in order to ensure good prices from quality installers.  Compare these prices with those of other models we review.

70,000 Btu Ducane Lowboy RLBF oil furnace: $1,299

90,000 Btu Ducane Lowboy RLBF oil furnace: $1,379

105,000 Btu Ducane Lowboy RLBF oil furnace: $1,539

119,000 Btu Ducane Lowboy RLBF oil furnace: $1,669

140,000 Btu Ducane Lowboy RLBF oil furnace: $1,879

154,000 Btu Ducane Lowboy RLBF oil furnace: $2,049

Where Can I Buy the Ducane Lowboy RLBF/R80C Furnace Online?

The vast majority of these furnaces are sold by Ducane dealers directly to their customers, so you probably won’t find one on eBay or other site unless it is used or an overstock item.  The best way to get one online is to request 3 free estimates from heating and cooling companies in your area.  The service is free to use and takes just a few seconds to start.  Three written estimates are provided by local dealers and they are usually very competitive because local companies know they are competing for the job.  The dealers are always pre-screened for quality assurance.  There is no obligation or cost for using the service.


This isn’t a fancy furnace but it is a reliable one.  Ducane does fairly well in consumer-generated reviews for dependability and price.  With consistent maintenance, which all oil furnaces need, you can expect to get 15-20 years of service from the Ducane Lowboy RLBF/R80C oil furnace.