Bryant Preferred 80 Model 374RAN Oil Furnace Price

The Bryant Preferred 80 model 374RAN oil furnace is less efficient than Bryant’s other Preferred Series models but with 83.5% AFUE, it is about average for the industry. With a lower price than the more efficient models, this is a good choice for homeowners who want to reduce equipment costs.  It is also a cost-effective choice for those in mild and warm climates where higher efficiency is not as important.  The single-stage burner is supported by a variable-speed blower which will make your home more comfortable whether the system is heating or supporting a matched central air conditioner.  The Bryant Thermidistat control is an option.  It helps reduce humidity by running the fan on low-constant when in air conditioning mode.

Before we look at Bryant Preferred 80 model 374RAN oil furnace price samples, we offer a summary of the key features so you can evaluate whether it’s one you want to get estimates on.

83.5% efficiency; Not Energy Star qualified.

Single-stage heating.

High-quality Riello Burner.

Variable-speed ECM blower balances temperatures better.

Stainless steel heat exchanger/combustion chamber.

Aluminized steel secondary heat exchanger.

4-way multipoise and lowboy models for installation options.

20-gauge steel cabinet is durable and powder-coated for rust resistance.

Sizes from 70,000 Btu to 154,000 Btu.

10-year parts warranty and lifetime heat exchanger warranty is above average for oil furnaces.

How Much Does the Bryant Preferred 80 Model 374RAN Oil Furnace Cost?

While less efficient than Bryant’s best, this furnace a

lso costs a bit less, making it a good value for many homeowners.  These oil furnace prices can be compared to others found in our price reviews on this site.

70,000 Btu Bryant Preferred 80 374RAN oil furnace: $1,389

115,000 Btu Bryant Preferred 80 374RAN oil furnace: $1,679

154,000 Btu Bryant Preferred 80 374RAN oil furnace: $2,049

Where Can I Buy the Bryant Preferred 80 374RAN Online?

Only local Bryant dealers sell this model oil furnace but you can still get it online. Request 3 free estimates online and you'll receive written estimates from 3 local heating contractors in your area.  They are always pre-screened for quality control to ensure expert installation and setup of the Bryant oil furnace.  There is no cost for using the service and you are not obligated to go with any of the bids you receive.  However, since the dealers know they are competing for the work, their estimates are typically attractive.


While not a budget-level oil furnace, this one is more affordable than many on the market today because of its lower level of efficiency. It will still reduce fuel use when it replaces most oil furnaces that are more than 15 years old, perhaps by as much as 25%.  If you live in a warmer climate or don’t rely heavily on your furnace, then you won’t be adversely affected by the 83.5% efficiency.  You’ll save money on this model and will get reliable service from it.  All oil furnaces need regular cleaning and maintenance and when you take care of the Bryant Preferred 80 374RAN oil furnace, it will deliver 20+ years of service.