Carrier Performance VS 80 Model 58VMR Oil Furnace Price

The Carrier Performance VS 80 58VMR oil furnace is just a short step down from Carrier’s best model.  You’ll save money with this one, get a high-quality furnace, and probably reduce fuel costs significantly.  At 83.5% efficiency, it should cut energy use by up to 20% when it replaces an oil furnace 15+ years old.  It features a variable-speed blower that eliminates loud, cold starts and gently warms your home.  If you have a central air conditioner as part of a split system, this furnace will also do a better job removing humidity from your home when in cooling mode.  It offers low-constant fan supported by the Carrier Thermidistat for that purpose.  Here is a summary of its top features.

83.5% AFUE; Not Energy Star rated.

Single-stage, clean and efficient Riello brand burner.

Variable-speed blower improves indoor comfort in all seasons.

Supports Thermidistat or standard thermostat.

Works with 2-stage central air conditioner or heat pump.

Stainless steel primary heat exchanger is direct-fired for efficiency

Aluminized steel secondary heat exchanger is durable.

Multi-poise design offers upflow/horizontal/downflow options.

119,000 Btu to 154,000 Btu.

Lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty; 10-year parts warranty is longer than average.

How Much Does the Carrier Performance VS 80 Model 58VMR Cost?

This furnace is slightly more expensive than most in this range of efficiency.  The upside is that it is built with quality co

mponents and should provide superior longevity and reliability.  If you are looking for a long-term heating solution for your home, this is a good one to consider.  If you live in a cool climate and need higher efficiency, Carrier does make an 86.6% efficient oil furnace.  Check out our Carrier oil furnace price reviews for more information. Here are Carrier Performance VS 80 Model  58VMR oil furnace price samples for this model.  Compare them to oil furnace prices on other models we review.

119,000 Btu Performance VS 80 / 58VMR oil furnace: $1,839

154,000 Btu Performance VS 80 / 58VMR oil furnace: $2,269

Where Can I Buy the Performance VS 80 Oil Furnace Online?

Carrier only sells this model directly to customers through their dealers.  It won’t be sold regularly on eBay or any large online distributor.  To get one online, request 3 free estimates online.  You will receive 3 written estimates from companies in your area that sell, install and service Carrier products.  All Carrier dealers are factory-trained to ensure quality installation.  This is a quick and convenient way to obtain this furnace.  There is no cost for using the service.


Carrier is one of the most trusted brand names in the industry and this is a trustworthy furnace, built with quality parts and materials.  If you don’t need high efficiency but do want the comfort of a variable-speed blower, the Carrier Performance VS 80 oil furnace is one to consider.