Armstrong Air 80 Downflow/Horizontal, Variable Speed Fan model LUF80C57/72V12 oil furnace price

The Armstrong Air 80 LUF80C57/72V12 oil furnace shows that there is a lot more to performance than just efficiency.  This furnace produces very balanced temperatures within a home through the operation of the variable-speed blower and the ultra-low continuous fan speed.  When air moves more consistently through your ductwork and entire home, it creates even heating and cooling (when a central air conditioner is also part of the system.)  This consistent flow of air also offers better air filtration year-round, and better humidity control.  It will more effectively remove unwanted humidity in the warm months, and if the system has a humidifier, it can raise the humidity level with precision.  As you compare oil furnace prices and models, here are the features to note with the Armstrong Air 80 Downflow/Horizontal, Variable Speed Fan  model LUF80C57/72V12 oil furnace.

83% AFUE performance.

GE ECM variable-speed blower offers more options for temperature and humidity control.

Ceramic fiber combustion chamber and 14-gauge heat exchanger are dependable and durable.

Beckett burner assemblies are regarded as the top in the industry.  They are efficient and clean-burning.

Assembly is equipped with the Clean-Cut fuel pump and solid-state ignition.

Vibration-dampening fan assembly.

High-boy model designed for down-flow and horizontal performance.

Run-tested at the factory for flawless operation.

Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger; 10-year limited warranty on parts.


How Much Does the Armstrong Air 80 Downflow/Horizontal LUF80C57/72V12 Oil Furnace Cost?

Armstrong-Air-80-Downflow-Horizontal-Variable-Speed-Fan-model-LUF80C57-72V12-oil-furnace-price-post-pictureThis furnace is one of the top models from Armstrong.  As a top of the line, high-performance system, it will cost more than oil furnaces with lesser features.  Here are several oil furnace prices for this model.

70,000 Btu Armstrong Air 80 Downflow/Horizontal LUF80C57/72V12 oil furnace: $1,439

90,000 Btu Armstrong Air 80 Downflow/Horizontal LUF80C57/72V12 oil furnace: $1,579


Where Can I Buy an Armstrong Air 80 Downflow/Horizontal LUF80C57/72V12 Oil Furnace Online?

You’ve got 2 options for locating and purchasing this Armstrong oil furnace online.  First, scout eBay.  Large supply houses occasionally offer one for sale at eBay, but you won’t see it consistently.  A better option might be the second – to request 3 free estimates from dealers in your area that carry Armstrong oil furnaces.   You’ll conveniently receive 3 written estimates that cover the cost of the furnace and installation.  The quotes come from local, certified and pre-screened heating and cooling companies.


If you want an oil furnace to add to your system that delivers good efficiency and even better climate control, the Armstrong Air 80 Downflow/Horizontal LUF80C57/72V12 oil furnace is one to consider.  The variable-speed fan operation means it can quickly warm your home when needed, but for normal operation it has the ability to provide very balanced temperatures, enhanced humidity control in all seasons, better air filtration and quieter operation.  This oil furnace is highly-rated by independent testers and consumers alike.

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