Best Oil Furnaces 2011

If you are shopping for a new oil furnace, a “Best Oil Furnaces 2011 Guide” might help.  This oil furnaces guide addresses the question of which oil furnaces are best by looking at it several different ways.  For some homeowners, the most efficient furnace is the best while for another, the level of home comfort it provides is the key.  Still others are shopping for cheap oil furnaces that are reasonably efficient.  So, we divide this “Best Oil Furnaces 2011 Guide” into categories to help you choose.  And we give the highest-rated oil furnaces in each category.

High Efficiency Oil Furnaces

Today’s best oil furnaces offer increased efficiency from those of a generation ago.  When you install one of these oil furnaces you can expect to see a 15% to 25% reduction in your fuel costs when the furnace replaces one that is 15-20 years old.  These three oil furnaces offer both high efficiency and the best quality on the market.

1. Ruud ROLA Lowboy Series oil furnace: 86.6% efficient.

2. Bryant Preferred Model OVM oil furnace: 86.6% efficient.

3. Carrier Performance Model OVM oil furnace: 85.2% efficient.

Standard Efficiency Oil Furnaces

In warmer climates, buying the most efficient furnace might not be the most economical choice.  High efficiency comes at a price premium for the equipment.  If winters are mild or moderate where you live, a mid-efficiency oil furnace will keep more money in your pocket and you’ll still reduce your heating costs when you replace an older oil furnace.  Here are the “best oil furnaces 2011” in this category.

1. Ducane Upflow model number RLUF80C oil furnace: 83% efficient.

2. American Standard Platinum XV Oil Furnace Freedom 80 Comfort-R oil furnace: 82.7% efficient.

3. Dave Lennox Signature Collection model number 023V oil furnace: 83% efficient.

High Performance Oil Furnaces

In this category, you’ll find the oil furnaces that provide the most comfortable indoor climate.  They are characterized by multi-speed or variable-speed blowers for better temperature balance, humidity control and indoor air quality.  Accessorize these furnace systems with air purification units, humidifiers, whole-house ventilators or UV germicidal lamps and you’ll have the most comfortable, healthiest home around.

1. Armstrong Air 80 Downflow/Horizontal, Variable Speed Fan model LUF80C57/72V12 oil furnace.

2. Trane XP80 oil furnace with 4-speed fan.

3. Carrier Comfort OBL oil furnace with 4-speed fan.


Not everyone defines “best” the same way.  Homeowners have differing needs and so the better manufacturers make a variety of oil furnaces to meet those needs.  Look through our “Best Oil Furnaces 2011 Guide” with your needs in mind.  Start your search for your next oil furnace in the category that makes most sense for your situation.

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