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Bryant Preferred 80 Model 374RAN Oil Furnace Price

The Bryant Preferred 80 model 374RAN oil furnace is less efficient than Bryant’s other Preferred Series models but with 83.5% AFUE, it is about average for the industry. With a lower price than the more efficient models, this is a good choice for homeowners who want to reduce equipment costs.  It is also a cost-effective […]

Carrier Performance VS 80 Model 58VMR Oil Furnace Price

The Carrier Performance VS 80 58VMR oil furnace is just a short step down from Carrier’s best model.  You’ll save money with this one, get a high-quality furnace, and probably reduce fuel costs significantly.  At 83.5% efficiency, it should cut energy use by up to 20% when it replaces an oil furnace 15+ years old.  […]

Bryant Preferred Model OVM Oil Furnace Price

The Bryant Preferred OVM oil furnace is one of the most efficient oil furnaces currently available.  With 86.6% AFUE, it is an Energy Star furnace that will reduce fuel costs significantly when it replaces an oil furnace 15-25 years old.  This furnace is equipped with a variable-speed blower to make homes more comfortable with balanced […]

Ducane Lowboy Model Number RLBF/R80C Oil Furnace Price

how to make your ex like you again when you text The Ducane Lowboy RLBF/R80C oil furnace is a good fit for tight spots and delivers reliable heat at an affordable price.  The Lowboy design has a larger footprint but is shorter in height, making it a popular choice for crawlspaces and other locations where […]

Ruud ROLA Lowboy Series Oil Furnace Price

The Ruud ROLA Lowboy oil furnace uses a low profile to make it a good fit in a crawlspace without much room overhead.  It compensates with a larger footprint.  This Ruud Lowboy delivers 85.9% efficiency which is Energy Star qualified and one of the most efficient models currently available.  The Ruud ROLA is a single-stage, […]

American Standard Silver SI Freedom 80 Single Stage Oil Furnace Price

How Is It Good To Get Back To Your Ex The American Standard Silver SI Freedom 80 oil furnace is the value-oriented model from American Standard.  It isn’t built with the same quality as the American Standard Platinum XV oil furnace but it is reliable.  And it is much more affordable.  With 82.4% efficiency, it […]