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What is the Difference Between Gas Furnaces and Oil Furnaces?

What is the difference between gas furnaces and oil furnaces?  That’s a question being asked by consumers looking for the most economical way to heat their homes.  Are there energy cost differences?  Is one type more durable than the other?  What about the initial cost of the furnace and installation?  Let’s take a look at […]

What are the Most Common Oil Furnace Repairs?

If you own an oil furnace and like to plan ahead, you may be asking “What are the most common oil furnace repairs?”  It also helps to know what can go wrong so that you can discuss oil furnace problems more effectively with a repair technician.  If you have a basic understanding of oil furnace […]

Oil Furnace Installation Costs – How Much You Should Pay

When it comes to oil furnace installation costs, having an idea of how much you should pay ahead of time will help you plan for the expense.   The cost of installation can equal or even exceed the cost of the furnace itself.  There are several factors that can affect oil furnace installation costs.  We look […]

How Much Do Oil Furnaces Cost?

If your old furnace is shot, you are probably asking, “How much do oil furnaces cost?”  We bring you the answer in this article along with some prices for you to compare.  There are several factors that affect cost.  We’ll take a look at those before providing oil furnace prices on current models. What Affects […]

Best Oil Furnaces 2011

If you are shopping for a new oil furnace, a “Best Oil Furnaces 2011 Guide” might help.  This oil furnaces guide addresses the question of which oil furnaces are best by looking at it several different ways.  For some homeowners, the most efficient furnace is the best while for another, the level of home comfort […]