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Carrier Comfort Model OBL Oil Furnace Price

The Carrier Comfort OBL oil furnace is part of Carrier’s second-best lines of oil furnaces. It is very efficient while also being affordable, producing very good value for homeowners.  This one achieves over 86% efficiency and so it is a very good choice where winter is cold and long.  There’s a lot to like in […]

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Trane XP80 Oil Furnace Price

The Trane XP80 oil furnace is made by one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the business.  They know how to build quality products and have a reputation to uphold.  Those factors ensure that the XP80 is a very solid, well-built and reliable oil furnace.  Will you also pay somewhat of a cost […]

How to Choose an Oil Furnace

Homeowners wonder how to choose an oil furnace when replacing an old one or having one installed in new construction.  This oil furnace guide will give you straightforward tips on how to choose the right oil furnace for your home.  It’s about finding the right balance of efficiency, performance, quality and price, the key factors […]

Trane XV80 Oil Furnace Price

The Trane name is virtually synonymous with quality and reliability, and if that is how you feel, the Trane XV80 Oil Furnace will only increase your enthusiasm for this well-known brand.  This oil furnace demonstrates excellent design and build in the performance it offers and the materials used.  It has an excellent service record and […]

Dave Lennox Signature Collection model number 023V oil furnace price

Signature Line products like the Dave Lennox Signature Collection model number 023V oil furnace are the best products offered by Lennox.  This oil furnace is feature-rich and provides good efficiency and performance.  The variable-speed blower motor can be adjusted for optimal comfort and efficiency when either heating or cooling.  It also produces quieter operation, better […]

Why Should I Buy an Oil Furnace?

Perhaps you’ve heard that oil furnaces are making a comeback and you’re asking, “Why should I buy an oil furnace?”  Essentially, you want to know what features and benefits oil furnaces offer.  In this brief guide we’ll answer the question by listing things you should know about using an oil furnace to heat your home, […]

Bryant Preferred model OVL oil furnace price

One of the knocks on oil furnaces is that they do not offer as high efficiency as some gas furnaces.  The Bryant Preferred model OVL oil furnace is one of the most efficient oil furnaces on the market, with an AFUE of 86.6%.  When you couple that with the affordability of this model, it is […]

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Can You Use Diesel Oil for a Home Furnace?

Many homeowners want to know if any other fuels can be burned in their oil furnaces.  They are asking, “Can I use diesel oil for a home furnace?”  The quick answer is yes! Most oil furnaces that use #1 or #2 heating oil are also capable of burning diesel fuel.  Home heating oil and diesel […]